Monday, September 30, 2002

A new day, a new week and a new deodrant and I'm all raring to go (Not!!!). There I was waiting for the lift to stop and take me down to the morning meeting. *bing*. Lift door opens. I step in; a beatiful girl gives me that early morning lazy smile.

She: hiiiii....
Me: How are you?
She: Im fine.. how was your weekend?
Me: Quite... and yours?
She: I think I partied too much.

~ moments of silence ~

She: you smell nice
Me: ~ a geeky smile ~
She: you could atleast say "thanks" you know... *eyebrows raised*
Me: I was actually waiting for you to continue...
She: For what?
Me: You know... kiss me...
She: Whattttt???
Me: That's what happens in the advertisement. The guy who wears this deodrant, gets kissed.
She: *almost rolling on floor with laughter*

My brain: ~damn, I have been a sucker again. I burnt my pocket on this new deodrant hoping I would get a kiss; Not some girl laugh at my face ~


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