Tuesday, September 24, 2002

I always enjoy being a little kid and much to my flatmates' dismay I spend most of my evenings playing video games or watching cartoons. Worse is when I play pranks on him but that's a different story.

Coming back to cartoons, my favourites were always the numerous Disney shows - involving Donald duck, chip munks, Goofy, Uncle scrooge and that gang. To be honest I never really enjoyed Mickey Mouse that much. Loads of others came in as I grew up - like Spiderman, Tintin, TopCats, X-Men but my all time favourite remains Tom and Jerry.

I think many thanks go to Fred Quimby the producer and Hannah & Barbara (creators) who I think enjoyed making the cartoons just as much as little kids enjoyed watching them. Its so easy to laugh at those two characters as they try to get the better of each other and most often Jerry won hands down. But a few times whenTom came out winning, I kind of felt good. I don't know about others, but I think Tom is more cute than Jerry and I really like the facial expressions he makes and the wicked ideas he comes up with.

Long live Tom and Jerry :-)


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