Saturday, September 21, 2002

Okay, so what is the stupidest bet that you have ever placed? Mine was a bet that the loser should eat an ant! No not those tiny ants that go marching in single file but the big black ones that kinda pop up during rainy season. And just as my luck goes, I lost and ‘bham’ my cousin slapped at a passing ant and he gave it to me. I hesitated a moment and then I… well ate it. To be honest, it tastes quite nice sort of bitter sweet. No wonder in certain places of Tamil Nadu they regularly cook ants.

Since we are on the topic of ants, did you know that ants have been on this planet for more than 100 million years? Did you also know that ants are the most civilised creatures on the planet after humans and they are the only species on this planet that still practice slavery? [just shows how humans define civilisation!]. Should humans go extinct for some reason, then ants are the next rulers. [first dinosaurs, then humans, then ants … think of the ratio in size] And to top it, the total weight of all the ants in this planet far exceeds the total weight of the humans [so imagine how large the ant population is]. Interesting uh?


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