Friday, September 20, 2002

The real history of the world.

God created the world roughly 5000 years back. Ya ya just the same way as it says in the Bible. He created it in 6 days and decided to rest on the 7th day. But you all know how it is - its so damn hard to spend a Sunday afternoon without doing something. So there was God, wondering what to do and all... and so He decides to play a prank. He creates these huge bones and decides to bury them a few feet under the earth. He also creates these fossils and things that look like wild creatures and buries them too. He makes the soil around it look like as if it is millions of years old.

Thousands of years pass and one day God suddenly remembers that He had buried all those bones and fossils. And so He sends this guy called Charles Darwin to confuse the hell out of us by coming up with this thing called 'Theory of Evolution'. Ever since, half the worlds people have been confused as to the truth behind the creation of this world and the other half are not bothered.


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