Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Every morning when I walk to work in this cold wet weather, there is one thing that always catches my attention - slugs, snails and a variety of other bugs. Ok, not 'one thing' but a variety of things. I head to work around 6:30 in the morning, half hour before the market opens and as such there are relatively few people out and about. The cold and wet weather brings these tiny fellas out and they are all merrily roaming about on the footpath and I try my best not to step on any of them (slugs can be quite slippery and I kinda feel guilty when I hear the 'crunch' after stepping on a snail).

Yesterday morning I saw a butterly pupa hanging by the edge of the leaf. I don't get to see such things often and so I stopped to have a closer look at it. I have seen silk cocoons back in my village and so I could tell this pupa was about to produce the offspring and re-do one of natures' wonders where an ugly caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. .

In the evening, as I walked back home, I was eager to see at what stage the pupa was now. To my dismay the pupa had already burst and the butterfly had gone. I plucked the pupa and probed the inside a bit and just as I was about to turn away something else caught my attention. A strong, relatively big spider web. Probing a bit, I could see there were scores of spiderwebs all around. A few feet away from the leaf where the pupa had been hanging, tiny butterflies wings were fluttering in the wind; the innards having already been consumed by the spider.

Nature has its own sense of humour uh?


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