Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The American press is a funny creature.

Like a roadside dog to be precise; it attacks the wrong people most of the time. Petty thieves, rogues and ruffians are free to roam in front of it but anyone who is even remotely organized in appearance get a snarl, growl and a bite!

If one takes the time off to read the headlines of American press it is not difficult to see the steady diet of misinformation that is totally irrelevant. That Bush lied 30 years ago is more important than the daily casualties that are mounting in Iraq. Kerry’s record as a swift boat captain obviously deserves front page rather than sweeping hurricanes that are causing billions of dollars worth of damage.

Heck! This is not the first time that American populace has been fed on such propaganda. Sometimes the propaganda is so blatant that I am surprised why even drug addicts can’t see through it let alone the general public.

Last few days the Asian papers have been crying hoarse about the 2 mile wide mushroom cloud that sprouted in North Korea. Everyone saw it but USA. In fact what US media saw with their hi-tech gadgetry and night vision equipment was Iran being an immediate nuclear threat. Considering that American media has been feeding the population with baseless terror warnings and ‘code orange’ alerts, I assumed that this mushroom cloud would cover the entire front page of NY Times!!

After all, if American intelligence points to North Korea's legitimacy as a nuclear power, why all the condemnation of Iran's program, which is further behind in development and is committed to building civilian power plants, not weapons? In fact America is working over time to impose sanctions on Iran while North Korea continues to threaten America with nukes. Why is Iran hounded? Because Iran is not a real threat and all the bogus information that is fed to the press comes out of Office of Special Planning (OSP). And it so happens that the Israeli spy ring that was recently caught was in this very OSP. In case you missed the news about the spy ring… it’s because American media was too preoccupied with Clinton’s heart surgery.

Oh by the way aren’t Iran and Iraq the two most potential enemies of Israel? I guess the American media doesn’t know about it.


Blogger Khushee said...

You know, America is so pro-Israel in everything and it's obvious and no one does anything about it. Israel blatantly takes Palestinian land and no one does anything to stop it. And yet they go chasing after fictitious 'weapons of mass destruction' in Iraq. How can the world be so blind? And how come America gets away with everything?

10:43 AM  
Blogger Interad said...

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7:24 PM  

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