Saturday, September 04, 2004

Where are the Human Rights activists?

Beslan (Russia): 350 people dead of which more than 200 are innocent little lives. What crime had they done in this society to be the victims of a politicial blunder? Scenes on the television were horrifying with little kids running out of school in the midst of bomb blasts and cross fires – many naked, hungry and too traumatised to know which direction they were heading. Some were so terrified that even when a soldier came out to assist them, they would just sit and cower. BBC repeatedly showed the face of a boy staring blank into the open who could not even remember his own name.

Terrorists to some are freedom fighters to others. But why is it that the so the called human rights activisits always raise their voice when a government or a state body commits a foul up? Why do these human rights activists go into hiding when the so called exploited people – decide to take hundreds of innocent children as hostages, slaughter them and make good their escape? Do these activists believe that the law of human rights applies only to the State organisations?

Human rights activists have long critcised the tactics used by Russia which has acted in a determined fashion to crush the Muslim rebellion on Chechenya. But I doubt that the Russian army ever goes into Chechen territory and takes kids as hostages to realize their goals.

What gets me the goat is that these freedom fighters (terrorists) never take human rights activists as hostages. I sincerely pray that next time there is a human rights convention, some group of terrorists take the entire convention as hostage and force these activists to live without proper food or water for weeks together. They should execute one every half hour till the demands are met. I swear I will personally side with the terrorists – no matter what their demands are; and I will make a public appeal to the government not to negotiate with terrorists.


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