Monday, February 24, 2003

How markets react to crisis

In one of my earlier posts I had shown a graph of how the Indian markets have been performing better than their western counterparts. While browsing the net in search of financial articles relating to first Gulf war, I came across an interesting article which I thought would be worthwhile to share with all of you. The article speaks of how markets have rebounded after crisis events. It also details the percentage change after a specific number of days - namely 22 days, 63days, 126 days and 253 days after the 'crisis event'.

This is what it states about first Gulf war: On the date of Iraq invading Kuwait, markets fell by 13.3%. In the subsequent days (in the order mentioned above) the markets rose by 0.1%, 2.3%, 16.3% and 22.4% respectively. You can read more about it in this article.

Blogging goes mobile

On a lesser note I thought I would flag up with my fellow bloggers this intersting article which talks of how people will soon be able to update their blogs using their mobiles. Though its a novel idea, I believe it will have few takers considering the amount of time it takes to text a message let alone a blog post. 3G phones are still a while away and there are no blog hosts which will allow people to put up photos / audio / video.


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